Truly Free

Liberty is not free.

It takes people like you and me.

Though we may sometimes disagree,

Our life is meant to be lived free.

Do not stay quiet when evil has a spree.

Stand against the shadow, even when we don’t agree.

Do not give into the urge to flee.

Whether your fight is taking a knee,

Or raising your voice to the next degree,

Fight for liberty from sea to shining sea.

Only then will we be truly free.

Stronger, A Little Longer

I wanted to live a little longer.

I wanted to pray a little harder.

If only I were a little stronger.

I might have inflamed my ardor.

I’m dying a little more every day.

This is the lasting, final chapter

I have many words to say.

Silence is no longer my captor.

If only I were a little stronger.

I could have lived a little longer.

Ode to the Beach

By Dianne Moritz Oh, to wander the beachon spring afternoons. To relax in the sun,or slide down big dunes. To hear the surf roaring,waves splashing on shore. To watch sea birds feasting,seagulls dive and soar. To pick pretty seashells,appealing driftwood. To reflect and to dream,as everyone should. To exult in sea mist,breathe in fresh salt […]

Ode to the Beach

no big deal

maybe he was going to but got distracted. maybe he forgot. maybe he meant to. maybe, i was holding out hope for something something beyond repair beyond help. maybe i’m overreacting maybe it’s not a big deal maybe i’m making something out of nothing. but i even reminded him.

no big deal

As a man, I can expertly testify that men are useless.