10 thoughts on “Help! Beta Readers

  1. What’s a beta reader? I can’t get any readers. I suppose it’s because I’m not trying. There must be a trick to it because I see people writing literal jibberish while getting hundreds of likes and comments. Sometimes I swear I’m in the matrix.

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      1. Oh, absolutely! In fact, I’ve been approached by people wanting to pay me to only write 5 star reviews WITHOUT READING THE BOOK. That’s actually illegal and, as a book reviewer (and beta reader), goes against my moral reading code.

        I’m also just a fan of the underdogs so I like reading work from indie authors more than people whose books have hundreds or thousands of ratings.

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    1. A beta reader is basically someone (usually a volunteer but there are people who get paid to do it) that reads your story before it’s published. They give feedback on story structure, any errors in spelling or grammar, weak areas, and so on…At least, a GOOD beta reader will do that.

      Too many times people think that beta reading is just read the story and summarize how you feel about it. Good beta readers will be specific and thorough.

      That being said, getting good and RELIABLE beta readers is difficult – even more so depending on your book’s genre and word count. Since people generally volunteer to do it, there’s not really an incentive to follow through.

      There’s a Goodreads group for beta readers, some Facebook groups, and Twitter. I think those are the best places to find beta readers.

      HOWEVER, I do actually beta read myself! If you are looking for beta readers, I’d be up for talking about it! (I’m currently trying to do freelancing work so I’m a little more limited on how much I can beta read.)

      Hope this helps!

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  2. I used a website called Critique Circle to find beta readers. I used it for years and would recommend – but you do have critique other people’s work in return. There is a free membership option, so I’d give it a go

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