Writing Isn’t Easy

Writing well is not easy. Some people can push out a book a month. One writer pushed out a book a week for a year. I can barely write a chapter a day. Even at my best pace, I can only write about 30-40k a month. My first novel, Blood Born, is 80k words. I started writing it when I was 17. I’m 34 and only just finished it.

My point? Cut yourself a break. We all want to be professional writers. We would love to be able to support ourselves by doing what we love. To do so requires a change in mindset. We have to look at our passion as a business, and that is hard. It takes time to come to terms with such a shift in mindset. If we want to survive by writing, then we have to forge our writing into a tool for survival.

6 thoughts on “Writing Isn’t Easy

  1. I have many unfinished novels, many I tell you. Indeed writing is not easy and you’re right about changing mindset. Ever since I began to look at writing with different eyeballs, I was able to achieve what I couldn’t achieve in years. – write a novel from beginning to end. To me, that’s a great thing. Nice reading your post.

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  2. Interesting, ive been writing poems since I was 13, that’s my forte but the real dream has always to write a book, but not just any book, a new York best times seller. To have that kind of material though that kind of inspiration, that kind of story – as I think, I just haven’t lived it yet and if im gonna tell any story its going to be mine. Im going to write what I know, my truth, and hope that its significant that it catches fire and inspires people… sadly the reality is I haven’t totally turned the tragic, self doubt, and time spent procrastinating, just trying to get it started – stuck on waiting for the ending and it better be a good one, a happy ending – where protagonist overcomes his or her own demons and can finally let go and let people know of the life lived – its ups and downs and to remember to hang onto what’s important. I wanna live it and then write it – and if I stick to that I may not even begin writing such a book till I’m elderly. Provided I live that long or still have a passion for writing – enough of something left in the tank to keep on keeping on – and that’s gonna be hard – after 20 years of writing poetry, im in a spot where im struggling to do that – just dead in the moment. Try to sort through what comes to mind and its the same thoughts, material and subjects already covered – and im like – there’s no inspiration in that – if I cant feel it, if it doesn’t excite me writing it theres nothing left – right now, gota find a new source, gota plug in and experience new things, grow and challenge myself… If I ever wish to have a story worth writing. I admire people who can conjure up an idea and run with it and a little something, turns into a novel. Especially if its fiction, I cant write fiction at all – or maybe just would rather not. … I’ve rambled on here, Yeah, it would be awesome to be published, It would be even sweeter to make some cash at it. But yah gota know whats goig on, whats cutting edge aiming to be the next best thing and that’s a whole lota practice and skill and dedication beyond where im probably currently at – so I am inspired by those who’ve dared to take on a novel or any significant project -I so badly would love to write a book, but am struggling to even write what I would now consider real poetry or to still be at a caliber that merits attention… hahaha the struggle there in, a writer, a real writer must always face him/herself every time they put the pen down and somedays…. im just sick of who I am, where I am – and the ways im thinking… But I smile, knowing that, this in time shall pass…. and i’ll once again have that euphoric high of being exhilarated by the way my brains ticking and what im penning and how its coming together better than I could hope for. I miss that feeling and its been sometime since I’ve had it, I could go on forever here… so im going to stop, thanks for this post, and taking the time to read my long ass comment.

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  3. Ugh! Yes indeed. I have writer block since…ummm..omg almost 4 months!! ..but,yes we need not to push our selves. Just take your time as long as you need .. and after all that…bam! You ready to write again✌🏻😁

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