Am I a writer?

I know to be a writer you don’t need to write every day. You don’t need to publish. You don’t even have to share anything you write with another person. And yet I feel hesitant to label myself “a writer.” It sounds so big and important, so much more than an unpublished piece from the heart and a few tweet-length stories or poems. But I’m feeling it out, trying to figure it out… Am I a writer?

Am I a writer?

4 thoughts on “Am I a writer?

  1. I also hesitate to call myself a writer, it seems very grand and special (Also, my grammar needs improvement). Anything can be special though, it simply depends on the person you ask. I was told that as long as you write, and you enjoy the process of writing– then you are a writer. Perhaps I am an amateur writer? Like an amateur photographer or cook ,etc?

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