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Today, I begin my self-publishing journey. I am nervous. Mainly, I worry about spending a ton of money to get the book edited. I know I need to spend the money to make the book readable, but that doesn’t make the anxiety any better. Any advice on how to vet editors? On a positive note, my cover is ready.

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  1. I edit using auto crit and then have it read by a few people to see if I missed anything and that the story and characters flow the way I want them to. Mainly cause my kids eat all my money…cause well ya have to feed em. Lol

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  2. Hey! I know just how you feel! I was calculating how many books I was going to have to sell to pay for the editing…wow, a lot of books! But then, through my guild, SLO Night Writers, I found Susan Tuttle and she edited my book for a lot less than others I found on Reedsy etc… She is GOOD! Of course before I got to her I had edited it myself, (I’m not half bad, I’m a retired English teacher) and had 6 beta readers who edited for FREE. I like to use Grammarly. Well worth the money for the yearly advanced program!
    BTW, love your cover!
    Best of luck!
    Write On!

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    1. Thank you for letting me know. I would love to connect with her. I’m willing to pay full price to someone if I know they will get the job done. I have an MPA and regularly work on work for academic journals, so I’m not too bad.


  3. congrats on this step–i made the jump last year and thankfully found a good editor through a friend who was willing to charge less as the topic of my writing was close to her heart. incredibly fortuitous! sounds like you have a lead, curious to hear how it goes! and thanks for giving life and attention to your dreams :}

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  4. I know a great editor! Check out Lewis Jorstad from The Novel Smithy!
    I worked with him on a novel (I have yet to publish lol) and I ended up maintaining a relationship with him by beta reading his books – which are also amazing! I don’t think his prices are too bad either. He does book coaching as well.

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      1. No problem! I know there’s so many editors out there and trying to find a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack but you’re blindfolded, the hay feels like needles, and you have to test it out to know if you can use it.

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