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Today, I begin my self-publishing journey. I am nervous. Mainly, I worry about spending a ton of money to get the book edited. I know I need to spend the money to make the book readable, but that doesn’t make the anxiety any better. Any advice on how to vet editors? On a positive note, my cover is ready.

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  1. I edit using auto crit and then have it read by a few people to see if I missed anything and that the story and characters flow the way I want them to. Mainly cause my kids eat all my money…cause well ya have to feed em. Lol

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  2. Hey! I know just how you feel! I was calculating how many books I was going to have to sell to pay for the editing…wow, a lot of books! But then, through my guild, SLO Night Writers, I found Susan Tuttle and she edited my book for a lot less than others I found on Reedsy etc… She is GOOD! Of course before I got to her I had edited it myself, (I’m not half bad, I’m a retired English teacher) and had 6 beta readers who edited for FREE. I like to use Grammarly. Well worth the money for the yearly advanced program!
    BTW, love your cover!
    Best of luck!
    Write On!

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    1. Thank you for letting me know. I would love to connect with her. I’m willing to pay full price to someone if I know they will get the job done. I have an MPA and regularly work on work for academic journals, so I’m not too bad.


      1. MThomas,
        Sorry I did not respond to you sooner! And I’m so sorry to report that Susan Tuttle, from SLO Night Writers passed away last week. They have excellent editors in the group. You can look them up on their website SLONightwriters.org



  3. congrats on this step–i made the jump last year and thankfully found a good editor through a friend who was willing to charge less as the topic of my writing was close to her heart. incredibly fortuitous! sounds like you have a lead, curious to hear how it goes! and thanks for giving life and attention to your dreams :}

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  4. I know a great editor! Check out Lewis Jorstad from The Novel Smithy!
    I worked with him on a novel (I have yet to publish lol) and I ended up maintaining a relationship with him by beta reading his books – which are also amazing! I don’t think his prices are too bad either. He does book coaching as well.

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      1. No problem! I know there’s so many editors out there and trying to find a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack but you’re blindfolded, the hay feels like needles, and you have to test it out to know if you can use it.

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